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bbwnakedworld's Journal

Community for all the beautiful bbws
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This is a place for lovely BBW women and men to post nudes of themselves, or for FA's to post pics of their lovers.

1. Per LJ's TOS all members of adult oriented communities must be 18+ and have their complete birthdate listed in their userinfo at all times. Random checks will be made.

Just a reminder that you must be 18 to post suggestive and/or nude photos. If you are under 18 and post such pictures, they will be removed.

Also, please use the lj-cut feature before you post any pics containing nudity. I'll give leniency for those who are new, but I don't have any qualms about banning repeat offenders.

Warning: Any negative, derogatory, demeaning or hateful posts will be deleted and the user banned from this community. If I find you using a second name once you've been banned, I will ban that name as well