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Check out our new community for BBW Burlesque dancers!

leopardprints and I put together a new community for all the lovely, talented, zaftig & curvaceous ladies of burlesque, their fans, admirers and aspiring dancers. Come join and throw in your two cents by first introducing yourself and givin' some sizzlin' detail; after all, it's a community dedicated to my fallen lover, Sunny "Mia More" Perkis, who pased away Nov. 17th, 2004, due to complications from a car accident. She was smarmy, snarky, full of life, ambitious, and putting virtually every ounce of time, energy, heart & soul in putting together shows, costumes and practicing, practicing, practicing! until every rehearsal was seamless from the last. She was non-judgmental altogether, and as such, so is our community, i.e. you don't have to be a BBW or a dancer to join, you've just gotta appreciate them, be respectful of the performers, and please post tips, tricks, lessons learned, songs done, what worked/what didn't and SHOWDATES if you are a dancer!!!

I hope to see you mesmerizing gals there (and you thoughtful, good guys, too) at bbw_burlesque!!!
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