The Right Now Poster Girl (greeneyedcutie) wrote in bbwnakedworld,
The Right Now Poster Girl

The Pictures I Asked About...

They aren't too bad, but another community flipped over them:

it was our first time taking these types of pix.. sorry if they suck

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now thats sexy!
now you just need some pics of him giving your lovely lady bits some nice tongue lovin... ;op
haha he tried to get a pic of that and then i tired.. they ended up not looking right :-(
it is tougher to capture that than other acts of affection. glad to hear y'all tried though (c:
damn those pics are H A W T!!!!
You're quite an attractive woman!
awww haha
how fun.
Id flip over them but in a good way. I like seeing naughty girls suck cock.;-)
haha.. im good at what i do
I'm good WITH my cock Im told. :-p
sooo sexxxxxyyyy
Wow, I haven't seen you around in a while. Are you gonna post pics again cause I know I'd love to see some :-)
sorry i didnt post pics in a while cuz.. there's nothing really good to in.. i have no outfits and if i do, i cant take pictures cuz i have a roomie.. i'll try though.. im always thinking about it.. and everytime i do get all cute... i dont know where my camera is.. haha XD.

i'll TRY!!!
Thanks for trying :-)

Maybe I should send your roommate movie tickets or something to get you some alone time lol
Excellent pics :-) I can't wait to see more
Great Pics, your pics are welcomed here,considering i wn tis community