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Hello! Newbie here!

I'm so glad to find a community that loves BBW and loves to see them naked! Looking for new friends :)

this isnt all but most!
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Deleted comment

thank you very much!
what a great start, those are very nice
:) i try!
wow, very amazing <3333
awww that was very sweet :) btw i looove donnie darko!
your welcome hun, i was wondering, could I be added?


12 years ago

Hot Damn! Very Sexy!

:) thanks!
so so sexy as always

wanna move to australia?
actually i've always wanted too! lol
:) thank you
very nice can i rub them for luck
did u by any chance see i have a clover tattoo on my right tit? :) lol
Oh my god... instant erection!
awww thanks! that was the best compliment ever lol
And you've got one of the most radiant faces and the most delicious breasts ever!

I so very much hope we'll be seeing much much more of you!
so yummy looking
ooo i think i am lol thanks
I'm a newbie here too, just saw your post and thought you looked fantastic... I also liked your LJ icon- where is it from?
Very Beautiful
I thought you were really attractive when you just posted normal pictures. This certainly didn't change my thinking at all :-D
Love those pics girl!